315 Derry Road Hudson NH 03051
P: 603.595.6813 | F: 603.595.6814
Sales: sales@tntprecision.com

About TNT Precision

Opening in the year 2000, TNT was founded during a time of economic downturn. In this challenging environment with outsourcing of manufactured goods becoming normal practice, our company has grown an average of 15% annually.

Gaining our core base of customers during these hard times allowed us to hire
some of the most talented machinists in the area and gain a reputation as a shop that will take on the most challenging projects and deliver.

By constantly upgrading our machinery to meet customer needs we feature Matsuura and Makino CNC Milling Centers in our shop. These Japanese manufactured machines offer precision unchallenged by other tool manufacturers. All programming is done on industry leading Mastercam CAD/CAM software.

Our shop

A clean air conditioned environment with skilled Machinists trained in MasterCam Cad/Cam technologies that have gained a reputation as a group that will take on the hardest of projects and deliver on time. We take the time to train machinists in the correct "TNT" way of doing things right without cutting corners.